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A Community-based Treasure Hunt Platform

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A Community of People

GeoHunts is the world's first educational spatial-game, also known as geohunt, platform. Become immersed in the excitement of a game while learnng about a museum or new city. Users must work together to find geopins then complete a variety of challenges. Want to learn about your city's history? Find the geohunt made by your city's historical experts to learn the small historic facts that only a historian would know. Create your own with our geohunt builder tool with ease. GeoHunts serves as a platform for you to create the most exciting spatial games possible.

Build Treasure Hunts as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Create a profile

Use the online treasure hunt builder to drag and drop GeoPins

Set a prize for completion

GeoHunts is built with the end in mind. Easily drop pins, make challenges, then assign a prize. GeoHunts will do all the rest to put that game on the GeoHunts mobile app to be available to your customer instantly.

Instant Games on Your Phone

In less than a minute, you and your friends can be onto your first geopin. From museums to parks to spy games, GeoHunts will be the platform where you can be immersed into the story of the game and interact with a physical world.

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