What is a geohunt?

A geohunt is a themed spatial game. Much like a treasure hunt, a geogunt uses the physical world as the game board where the player must find locations then complete challenges to get to the next location. Instead of the game focusing on finding the prize, a geohunt focuses on the journey. Players are immersed into the story of the geohunt, learning along the way to achieve bigger challenges that face them. Geohunts can range from a variety of subject matter. Whether it be a certain exhibit at a museum or a zombie-escape during Halloween. Geohunts can be in a variety of settings from parks, museums, zoos, backyards, venues.

What is GeoHunts?

GeoHunts is a geohunt platform where users can easily build and play geohunts around them. Geohunts are built using the website builder tool. Users can drag and drop points on a map, set challenges at those locations, then set a prize for completion of the geohunt. Users have the option to either charge players a fee to play the geohunt or allow donations from players who enjoyed their game. Users are also able to make the geohunt private for a birthday party of class assignment. The geohunt will then be transferred onto the GeoHunts mobile app for other users can play! Players will earn points, badges, and prizes as they play their way through various geohunts.

About Austin

I am a Software Engineer with over 8 years experience in spatial science and 4 years experience in software development. My passion for educational, spatial-based games has been the result of many different museum visits, new city experiences, and nature trips. To make it simple, I love learning. This love for learning developed further when the introduction of city-based treasure hunts became a public norm. Learning about a city while you play a game is an amazing way for people of all ages to learn about the area around them. The potential for a game like this can have amazing benefits for the city as well as the population around it. But there was a problem. There was no product on the marker for cities, museums, or parks to make their own. This lack of technology left these educational organizations to still rely only to the signage in their venue which might not be the correct learning style for all types of learners. That is when I decided that something must be done. The result is GeoHunts.

Each museum, city and park has something unique that the rest of the world needs to know about. Not only do these places have something special to show, the people behind these organizations are the true gems that many people fail to ever experience. By giving the organization the power to create their own treasure hunts, the people playing the game will get the absolute best learning experience in a fun and exciting game.